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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  February 20, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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he did and so did i. this is creeping in. it's weird. thing it bank will burn off sooner today. that will leave us with a sunny day. yesterday it took awhile. speaking of higher clouds, they're done in southern california. not here though, fog, nothing up before, so, that's a lot to burn off. it looks like the last day for the fog, and we'll see a little change here. 40s, 50s mainly due to the cloud cover. mid-50s for san jose, everything continues to be the cold air, record lows possible, all the way down to florida, and the wind chills tend to be very, very cold. 15 below in chicago. a few high clouds, they're taking aim at the south. everything wants to come out of the ridge of high pressure, it's having a hard time because of the fog. it's a overcast day and there will be low 70s, and morgan hills, san jose, mid 60s around
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the bay. a happy friday to you sal. >> i play music on the way in on friday, so, that's the way it it is here. good morning, everyone. let's go and look at the commute. the traffic is doing well. we'll go to the east shore freeway. and traffic is moving well on interstate 80. there are no major problems along the way. if you're going to the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is looking good. at the toll plaza it's taking 10 minutes to get through. and westbound 80 in the livermore valley traffic is looking good from the altamont pass to pleasanton. let's go back to the desk. the oakland raiders are threatening to move to california once again. the silver and black are considering teaming up with the san diego chargers in southern
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located along the 405 freeway. we're right in front of the stadium in alameda. >> reporter: good morning to you, the raiders and the san diego chargers on and off the field they're working together to get a new stadium built down in southern california. the two teams reportedly will privately finance this stadium, 1.7 billion. these are the artist rendering of that stadium which could come up in the city south of louisiana, they bought the site in carson. the raiders have been unable to get a stadium built in oakland and the team has been exploring options in other cities including san teenio and it puts the pressure on oakland's new mayor to get a dole done that will keep the team in the
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area. >> the raiders first priority is to stay in oakland. they have to explore other options, they'll done that before and they'll do it depend. i'm keeping a focus on keeping my sports teams in oakland. >> raiders fans they're worried about the silver and black leaving again for southern california. the team played in l.a. from 1982 to 1984. the raiders and the chargers put out the proposal which reads if we cannot find a permanent solution in our home markets we have no alternative to look at the viability of our franchises. we'll learn more about this plan when the two teams hold a joint news conference down in the city of carson. >> it's odd to see the oakland raiders and chargers sharing a
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stadium there. >> well, san jose police say they've arrested two people in the killing after security guard who was trying to stop a robbery. manuel was working when he saw someone stealing a box of cigars and someone in a get- away opened fire. the 35-year-old father of two dialed at the hospital. police have not released information about the suspect, but a worker said they bought a bottle of cognac and one man returned later to steal the cigars. >> they're investigating a possible kidnapping case. >> a 22-year-old woman showed up at a police station yelled morning, she escaped from kidnappers. she told them thee weeks ago a group of people abducted her at gun point in the rose land area of santa rosa, she was beaten and sexually assaulted. she escaped after captors left
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the door open. it was in a rural part of santa rosa on sandy hill road. they snapped this photograph of investigators on the scene. the sheriff's department confirms that several people have been detained but this time there is no word on what detectives have found or if they made any arrests. the sheriff's office is looking for people to track people through cell phones. they're hoping to find criminals and missing persons based on court owners. they would not use it to monitor a person's every day activity. the meeting about the is is being held at 1:00 this afternoon at the sheriff's office in san jose. at&t may have to pay extra for privacy. they're testing out a superfast internet service.
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they're advertising two different plans. one is tracking free, that costs $99 and the other option is $70. the lower price means they'll track your search terms and browsing history to target advertisements. >> it's subsidized by the advertising they can deliver and based on your preferences and how you're using the web. it's on the isp level, they cannot be disabled. >> you can't protect yourself by erasing your internet history or ad blocker. the only way to aroid it is to pay the higher price. they're using the west coast port labor dispute. he wants the shipping companies or the dock workers to agree on a deal today. they'll are to use the talks in washington, d.c. >> reportedly the only remaining issue is is whether
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or not to change the arbitration system to dissolve work macon flicks. it's supposed to be at the port of oakland, they are attending a union meeting during the daytime shift. >> we need a settlement immediately, we need it now, and can't wait longer. >> while the negotiations continue, billions of dollars of cargo sits on ships anchored out of the port of oakland, toyota subaru and honda has been working around the port this year. it's cutting next week's production by 5,000 cars because it is unable to ship parts to assembly lines. production this week was cut by 20,000 cars. in some cases honda has been forced to send parts on air freight. it's unclear whether consumers will have to pay more as a result. it's a latest of a series
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of smash and grab in the bay area. they are searching for two men who backed into a store and caused thousands of dollars of dam. the thieves drove no the store, smashing plate glass windows. the owner says they didn't take anything too much of value, but repairing the damage will cost thousands of dollars. they're looking at whether the palo alto burglar is connected to another incident this month. they show two burglars outside of move get boulevard last monday on february 9th. they pulled apart several display cases and stole equipment. they charged students in schools with a hackathon. they'll take part in a 36-hour competition. they'll create website and applications. the main goal of the hackathon
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is to demonstrate cooperation rather than individualuality. a dog survived a vicious attack from a mountain lion. she is fine after surviving large gaseous on her body. she found face-to-face with a mountain line. the owner swatted the mountain lion with the walking stick. the mountain lion wasn't paying any attention to me. i was yelling and trying to get it off. >> a mountain lion's head and i way laid his head and poked him. >> she underwent an emergency operation at a fresno hospital. her owner said she's fortunate to survive the attack and she may rename her dog lucky.
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coming up bruce bochy is waking up in the hospital. the heart procedure he underwent and how he's doing this morning. a four day school week, the reason why they plan to reduce the until of days we go to school. >> bay area bring commute coming up. we're looking at the crossings and giving you too many to get across the bay. >> start off with fog again, really the only morning this week was monday when we department have fog, we have a lot since then, will we get sun this afternoon. what about the weekend, we'll have that coming up.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2, it is now 4:43, a 19-year- old university student of santa clara is facing charges after prosecutors say he tried to kill his roommate. he's accused of stabbing his roommates multiple times early
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tuesday morning. investigators say the roommate woke up to find kim standing over him with a knife. >> the victim was stabbed in the throat and he was cut in the shoulder and the forward as well. >> the victim ran. a shared bathroom and tried to get help and this was before he was stabbed in the back and a person called 911 and he slashed himself in the neck and he's expected to survive. a proposal for teachers to sign a morality clause. the archbishop sent a letter to family lawmakers asking him to respect his rights to hire people to uphold catholic churches. they say it's discriminatory
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and violates civil rights. a man who tweets about his transgendered grandchildren. honda hopes it will get people talking and thinking. >> the long time representative in washington, d.c., mike honda is getting recognized for something else. the proud grandfather said she said it at 2, my name is melissa and this is how you spell it. >> they need to create a dialogue and openness on a topic that hasn't been correct. >> people say she was born a boy, well, the gender was put on her. but, the doctors, the certificate, she was born melissa. and she identified herself when she could speak as a girl.
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>> his tweet comes when violence against those questioning their identity is getting worse. earlier this month de jesus was stabbed. >> there's been tragedies and murder and discrimination. this is a different angle when you have a grand parent who is a political figure who is supportive. it's the other end of the discussion. >> she knew she was a transgender at an early age. it divided her family. she got emotional talking about it. it gives others hope, hopes that they don't have to live in the shadows. >> many perceive our transition or evolution when we become what we want to become, a dark tunnel with a little light at the end of it. what this does, it makes that
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light a little brighter. >> congressman is the founder of an antibullying professional caucus and he's a big time supporter for years. ktvu fox 2 news. >> a school district is arizona is considering switching to a four-day school week. the four day school week would save money and it could attract higher quality teachers that would be willing to accept lower pay for a smaller work week. >> if you're -- >> i think it will hurt a lot of working parents. children are going to suffer with nowhere to go. some parents say they would rather see a shorter school work than the district shut down schools because of budget
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constraints. they consider exploring the four-day work option. >> i'm sure they do. i hear what they say. the working patients, what do they do, especially young kids, you have to pay for some kind of care. >> it's 7:47. >> sometimes our clock, there it is. >> i just want to make sure. >> i want to make sure. sal, good morning, how are you? how's traffic irksome doing doing well and traffic is good. back to you. >> awesome. >> pam, we promised a bridge check and now it's time to look across the bay. let's look at the golden gate bridge, traffic looks good, there's the zipper truck moving the pile ons, and now it's a machine rather than men moving
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the pile ons. the san mateo bring, the traffic on the san mateo bridge looks good. there are no problems getting over to highway 101. today's forecast, here is steve paulson. the machines are in charge, the hybrid 101 from cleveland, 17 below in cleveland right now. that's cold. that's without the wind chill, that's the temperature, and there's a lot of snow pack as you can imagine. >> we have a lot of record lows and i lot of record lows back east not here. there is going to be, we can use some rain and not this weekend, although a possibility may be, sierra seattle yes.
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higher clouds associated in southern california. we if the the fog and we get the coastal fog and not the valley fog. it's 50s for most. i doubt these changed at all. novato says 47, higher elevations are in the 40s. petaluma just sneaked in under 50 at 49. hillsborough and bass poll, there is fog and thick clouds. there's an easterly breeze, fairfield northeast at 7. on monday that was west at 17 miles per hour. things have changed. 2 below in chicago, warming up in minneapolis, you see the warm air is moving. 18 in atlanta, 42 wyoming. that's cold. here's your wind chill, one in st. louis, it's the loneliest
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number. it's the coldest february since the 1800s in chicago, by the way. detroit 11 below. high clouds central california and a lot of energy out this. we're trying to wait for something breaking underneath. it's in the the focus, there will be a system dropping down again from oregon, eastern oregon and into nevada and that will backtrack over us. there will be the fog and it will take place today. a cooler sunday and mostly sunny saturday. there will be isolated snow showers in the area. we're on the western edge of that system. watch how this system fires it up. if you're headed to sunday, it will be headed back towards the valley. most of it will be off to the east. if you're going to the mountains it could be a big change on sunday and monday. wet get the s in there, light
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breeze, temperatures rebounding quicker today, there's nothing above the high clouds to obscure it. mostly sunny on saturday, the breeze picks up, you'll have to watch out for clouds, possibly some rain, not a lot, but a little bit. >> we'll take a little bit. >> we'll take a whatever we can get going no march, i'll tell you. >> thank you so much. the golden state warriors are back in action. they start the second half holding on to the best record in the league. ant tonight at oracle, they'll debut those, chinese new year's uniforms. >> nice. >> they're the only teams in the nba with chinese new year uniforms. the warriors president rick welts, he'll be in the studio with one of those jersies. >> that's really cool, the only team that has the chinese new
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year. the design down the leg. that's cool, awesome. 4:52, a san francisco family left homeless and victimized again. the community is coming through to help them with this double tragedy. >> i knew i needed right away to see if i could help matthew. >> a texas teacher had a 1% chance and she knew she this to take it. the gift she's giving one of her students in order to save his life.
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. welcome back everybody. the time is 456-7894 -- 4:54, we're hearing about a new man for the isis trying to take a city. they took control over masul, now, the white house has given a green light for a huge opportunity to take it pack. it seems to be an acknowledgment that the current campaign of air strikes is not enough. >> the american people understand something, you can't just use air power, we've learned that in conflict in bosnia. >> in another step in the fight against isis, us and turkish
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soldiers are talking about fighting isis. the two talks have started. the training could start next month at a base in turkey. >> house minority leader is leading a delegation of democratic leaders to congress. and this involves the archbishop of cuba and they've met with the vice president who is expected to take office africa's destroy leaves office in 2018. and following president obama's move towards normalizing relations with cuba. they knew that a flu was part of the deadly superbowl. they knew it was not claimed, they decided not to recall it or outline new sister-in-law lizing procedures. they've known about the member for two years, they're acting now because two people died at
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the medical center. the device that goes down a person's throat is blamed for spreading the bacteria and other patients may have been exposed. one of the teachers may give a student another chance at life. his kidneys were failing at 3 years old. since december 80 people have been tested to help. the match was his teacher. >> i'm the one who gets to do it. i feel very lucky. >> matthew's insurance is covering the cost of her surgery. her co-workers ano, sirred they would recover the income that she would have lost during the recovery period. they're grateful that someone has stepped in to save their son a few months after the mid- march surgery.
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both ma you this and the teacher should fully recover. >> that's incredible. coming up in our 5:00 hour, two replace a police officer accused of stealing thousands of from the police officers and what eventually raised suspicions. and he vie's stadium will host the first ever hockey came. and we're live as crews prepare for the shark team. headed to the richmond bring, there's one car there. if you need to do it, did ahead and did it. it looks good. we have weather that looks good this afternoon. a lot of fog this morning, but changes are brewing for the weekend.
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details emerging this morning about a new man that would have the oakland raiders heading south. we'll tell you about the stadium deal in the works that involves the silver and black's fiercest rival. a police officer accused of stealing thousands of dollars from a police group. how the alleged scheme was discovered and how some are criticizing the police


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